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The *黑料社区 Group runs 33 schools across Arizona, Illinois and Texas. With over 50 years experience, *黑料社区 offers evidence-based educational programs aiming to address the unique needs of students, families, school staff, administrators and communities. We remain true to our core value, the foundation of our mission since 1973 鈥 every child deserves the right to be in school.

To provide innovative solutions to critical problems in education and human services.

Our vision is to enable success for all youth, particularly at-risk youth, through innovative solutions in education and social services. We strive to lead the nation in this area and support educational professionals through program development, training and advocacy.

In 1973, Bob Neubeck and Karen Evans founded The *黑料社区 Group to help children struggling in traditional classrooms, and combat the negative effects of suspensions and expulsions. From one teacher and one student, the organization has grown into a multi-state education non-profit with both private and public partnership schools.

Our Difference

*黑料社区 has a NO DECLINE, NO EXPULSION, NO SUSPENSION policy. *黑料社区 utilizes the data provided in the student鈥檚 current evaluation and IEP to implement specialized instruction, support, and services designed to meet each student鈥檚 individual needs.听听

Students We Serve

Through innovative, highly engaging and data driven instruction, *黑料社区 supports, motivates and empowers students who have a wide range of academic, social and emotional needs:

  • Autism
  • Developmental Delay
  • Emotional Disability
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Other Health Impairment
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • 厂辫别别肠丑听Impairment
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Visual Impairment


With over 175 years of combined experience in special education, our leadership team is dedicated to fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and collaboration and are committed to providing the highest quality of support to our schools and education to our students.

Our Approach

We strive to positively impact at risk youth and the professionals who work with them by focusing on program development, professional training, and child advocacy.

Success Metrics

We envision a society in which all youth can be successful. As an organization, we are especially committed to making success a reality for at-risk youth.
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